The following is a list of new software applications (mostly web-based) which are currently undergoing technical evaluation and demonstration.

We have decided to group them together on one page  to make it easier for staff to try them out, and learn more.

Note: These sites may only be accessible inside College and not from the wireless or from home whilst they are in development and they may be subject to unnannounced discontinuation...

As part of the drive to make efficiencies, none of these applications has a cost - they are free! We are using Open Source software (which freely available but with no commercial support unless purchased). Therefore, it will not matter how many teams/users we have at the College who wish to use this software...

Project and Task Management

Redmine is a web-based Project Management system that can be used for large and small projects. Managers and team leaders can create projects, assign tasks, set schedules, deadlines and check-lists. Team members can view tasks assigned to them, comment/complete them and reporting/updates are automatically created for managers to monitor.  We have added some functions to our Redmine system including making the language more generic and applicable to any type of project.
Kanboard is a simple web-based implementation of the KanBan process management system developed by Toyota, which is now widely used in place of traditional process or project management techniques. It is suitable for both individuals and teams who need to track work items and tasks through specific workflow processes that are repeated - for example, a staff recruitement process.

Service Request Tracking

Request Tracker is a web-based customer service / helpdesk system that does exactly what it says - it enables requests for help and support (of any type) that are emailed, or logged as telephone calls, to a specific group. Requests can then be assigned to teams, indiciduals and resolved. Clients are kept in the loop via emails, or a customer login page. An advantage of Request Tracker is that it can be used for ANY department or team / individual at the College who needs to track requests or queries of some type. We will be switching over to this for the IT and Facilities Helpdesk, but could be used by almost all departments and teams within the College in business and curriculum areas.

Digital Media Asset Management

ResourceSpace was developed by Oxfam in partnership with a third party company originally to provide a mechanism to manage the images, video and text materials created by Oxfam across the world used for evidence gathering and marketing purposes. It is suitable for similar use here at the College as means by which departments and individuals can upload media which is then checked by Marketing before release.
However, it could also be used in a wider sense for educational purposes. Assets can be tagged/categorised to make them easier to find and download. As a central resource at College, it also allows for easier sharing on a single platform as opposed to the myriad of cloud/internet based systems that we have available to us.
It can also fill a gap in providing a Digital Media library resource to accompany Koha (shown below)

Library Catalog

Koha is an Open Source library catalog system developed in New Zealand and in use in Schools, Colleges and Universities. It has been installed at the College to enable the Learning Curve to evaluate it as a replacement for the current system.

Booked Scheduler

... a resource booking management system that could be used for assets/venues which are not handled by the timetabling system

Book Scheduler Product Website


... A CRM application that is based on the well-known SugarCRM. This would be aimed at student engagement or business engagement areas where the College needs to create and manage contacts and relationships with new clients.

Product Website


... a general purpose website builder tool that could be used to replace smaller websites such as the Zone, and Shelleys as well as to provide website authoring training.

The demonstration site is a replica of the current Zone website (literally copy and pasted including the images) based on a Wordpress 'theme' or layout.

Product Website

Xibo Digital Signage

This is actually live on screens in North Block at the Pink Lifts, Atrium, Learning Curve and across the Bridge in South Block. Other locations are being proposed. Content can be customised per location. The Marketing team will manage the content on this system.

Product Website


The current intranet is based on Microsoft Sharepoint Online. A faster alternative may be OpenAtrium, which is specifically designed as a document management portal.

Evaluation will be required to see whether OpenAtrium could replace Sharepoint outright, or work with Sharepoint and Odoo together to provide a better intranet experience for staff.

OpenAtrium Product Website